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Off-road "little Sheep" Apulia SR GT125/200
Release date:2021.12.09

Now the pedal design is more and more not "serious", the major car manufacturers have abandoned the traditional design style of the scooter, have launched their own unique new models, so that the market competition of the cross-border movement pedal is more and more hot. Recently, Italian auto manufacturer Aprilia also released the new ADV pedal SR GT125/200 at this year's Milan Auto Show to seize this emerging market.

From the outside, you can still see the three lights of Aprilia on SR GT, and the taillights adopt the penetrating design commonly used in cars in recent years. The whole car uses LED lights, and the front part also has the unique tall design of ADV car model. The overall visual effect is quite aggressive.

The instrument is equipped with LCD display, which can display various vehicle information. You can also buy APRILIA MIA Connect system, which can display incoming calls, messages, calls, music and other operations on the screen by connecting the phone with bluetooth.

For the body, the SR GT sacrifices front footpad space for unpaved driving and body rigidity, using a braided steel tube frame to ensure support and off-road capability. However, the most important thing as a pedal is practicality, so 25L of bucket storage space can fit into a full helmet, and it is optional to add a trunk to enhance storage space.


The SR GT125/200 has 125mL and 174 mL displacement respectively, and both models are equipped with i-GET single-cylinder water-cooled engines with RISS idling start-stop system. The SR GT200 has a maximum output power of 17.6kW (8500r/min), while the SR GT125 has 14.9kW (8750r/min). Meanwhile, the SR GT125/200 has maximum torque of 12N·m (6,500r /min) and 16.5n ·m (7,000r /min) respectively, providing good acceleration power for the 144/148kg SR GT125/200 with a specially tuned CVT transmission.

In terms of fuel consumption, the SR GT125 and SR GT200 achieved excellent fuel consumption of 40km/L and 38.5km/L in WMTC Mode with the RISS idling shutout system up to 9L.

For tyres, the front 14 and rear 13 "all-terrain tyres, combined with the SHOWA front 122mm vertical damping and rear 102mm dual damping, are easy to ride even during intense cycling or light off-road riding. Braking Systems Both cars have front and rear disc braking, the SR GT200 with ABS on the front wheels and the SR GT 125 with front and rear connected braking.

There are more and more crossover models with the appearance of street car body pedal, and "little sheep" and "big sheep" are more and more wild. More choices and gameplay are also a good thing for everyone. At present, SR GT offers six body colors including Street Grey, Street Yellow, Aprilia Black, Iodium Grey and Red Raceway. There is also a coating, launch date and price unknown. Although SR GT is a small displacement pedal, But looking at the numbers, you can expect great gear and performance.