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Motorcycle abnormal sound how to determine specific parts?
Release date:2021.12.09

Experienced riders know that if a motorcycle has some discordant noise in the midst of its usual roar, it's a sign of engine trouble and a need for vigilance. However, in practice, the most annoying thing is that it is difficult to determine the specific location of the abnormal sound, and it is difficult to describe clearly if you want to consult an expert through mobile phone chat.

Today's method makes it very easy for a driver, even if he is not very technical, to narrow down the range of abnormal sounds to help the driver or expert judge.

Straddle motorcycle configuration of the engine, usually by the engine and gearbox two major components. If the engine and gearbox have mechanical failure, they will produce abnormal sound. Sometimes the abnormal sound is complicated, and it is difficult to determine whether it is caused by the mechanical failure of the engine or the mechanical failure of the gearbox.

This is because when the engine is idling, although the gearbox is in neutral position, when the engine is running, the power generated by the clutch, the primary deceleration is transmitted to the gearbox by the gear, so that the gearbox spindle and the part of the shaft of the constant gear rotation, it is not easy to distinguish is generated by the engine, or the gearbox.

In fact, to accurately determine the location of abnormal sound, we can first separate the clutch, make the clutch driven part and the gearbox gear stop rotating, and then according to whether the abnormal sound disappears, we can accurately determine the location of abnormal sound, laying a good foundation for the next maintenance operation.


The specific approach is to use the main parking bracket to support the motorcycle, start the engine and maintain idle operation, first grip the clutch control handle, so that the clutch is in a state, first cut off the engine to the transmission of power.

Due to the effect of lubricating oil viscosity, the clutch separation is not very thorough, in fact, the clutch driven part will still follow the active part of the clutch rotation.

To stop the transmission spindle and the regular gear, it is necessary to switch the gearbox into first or other gear, so that the gears engage, while pressing the brake pedal, brake the rear wheel of the car.

In this way, the rear wheel, transmission chain, transmission shaft, spindle, primary deceleration, gear, clutch driven part have stopped running.

If the abnormal sound disappears at this time, it means that the abnormal is produced by the clutch driven part to the gearbox part, if the abnormal sound can not disappear, it means that the abnormal sound is generated by the engine.

This can be combined with the structure of the engine gearbox principle, analysis, judge the fault suspect. Then according to the judgment of the fault suspect, targeted to the key parts of the inspection, can quickly eliminate the abnormal sound fault.