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Good looking and wild 150 ADV pedal! The ultimate destination of the knight after "seclusion"
Release date:2021.12.09

In recent years, the crossover upsurge caused by Honda'S X-ADV has been high, the ADV pedal with good sports, fashion, off-road and fun is not only sought after by a large number of pedal owners, and even many straddling owners have also turned into ADV scooter camp. This crossover wind has a trend of blowing more and more prosperous, many domestic manufacturers smell business opportunities, and continue to invest in the RESEARCH and development of ADV pedal, for a time, all kinds of unique, different models of ADV pedal to the market, caused a high level of attention in the industry.

It seems that every rider who has ever ridden a motorcycle will eventually choose a scooter as a means of transport after "seclusion". What rider doesn't love a high profile level pedal that can both lightly off-road and ride? Next, the SABREADV 150, which is about to be released, is a combination of looks, sports, fun to ride, and high cost performance. It will be hard for many experienced riders to refuse.

This ADV pedal of sanye machine will be launched in December. The car at the fair this year at the beginning of the first appearance has attracted considerable attention, although many mo friends say look a bit familiar, but it is not difficult to see the factory, under the overall design is full of fashion, science and technology, sports elements, cross-country move feeling breath take in everything in a glance, the vehicle muscle feels dye-in-the-wood, the atmosphere emit a powerful strength, tough guy sent definitely absolutely!


ADV new pedal high quality, high configuration, appearance level is fashion personality, unique trend. Hierarchical front face design, emphasis on the line embellishment of sports sense, rough and tough, ADV elements play quite slip; The TFT LCD meter has complete and clear information and backlight design, so the data can be clearly seen even at night, which greatly increases the cycling safety factor. Double side LED headlights adopt avant-garde personality eagle eye modeling, the overall streamline is clear, cool and sharp, no problem high cold fan! And cold and proud look in the eyes, very easily hook up people to conquer desire strongly!

As for power, the car is equipped with longxin 150cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine, which applies silent start. The actual displacement is 149.3cc, with a maximum power of 10kW/ 8500rMP and a maximum torque of 14Nm/ 5500rMP, and a compression ratio of 10.6:1. Dynamic performance is not bad, in the domestic level of ADV competitive products have a good competitiveness. The standard large area of front windshield, high elastic shock absorption, so that you can enjoy the extreme power, while avoiding the bumpy journey, super control and comfortable riding experience, make the SABREADV 150 knight daily motorcycle travel, leisure cross-country preferred products.

In terms of configuration, the SABREADV 150 is quite rich. Fuel tank volume 13L, front and rear ABS double channel, pulse ignition, keyless start, full LED lamps, charging USB interface, side support flout, adjustable windshield, etc., it will have the mainstream configuration of the same model assembly.

Body size 1970mm×740mm×1240mm, wheelbase 1330, ground clearance 180mm, seat height 800mm, even female riders can easily control. The car is divided into high and low versions, the difference is that the high version uses TFT LCD instrument, semi-hot melt tire, plus the vehicle data recorder device, high texture, high configuration, so that users enjoy a more comfortable driving experience.

At present, pedal motorcycle has paid more and more attention to cross-border style, no matter the size of the displacement are in this direction, of course, a large part of the reason is derived from the diversified use of motorcycle friends demand, after all, there is a demand for the market. SABREADV 150 pedal overall performance is excellent, through the perfect fit OF ADV pedal setting, power, braking, stability and other aspects of performance is quite in place, in addition to the ground air ultra-high cost performance, I believe that it will become another hot market "net red" ADV pedal, set off a new round of buying wave.