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Motorcycle parts winter maintenance secrets
Release date:2021.12.16

Cold winter, whether it is "sealed", or frequent riding, motorcycle maintenance in winter is very necessary, the correct maintenance can effectively extend the life of the car, also can let it in the cold winter, avoid the embarrassment of a strike halfway! Today we give you a motorcycle winter maintenance pure dry goods.

Motorcycle winter maintenance tips

1. External parts

Love the car riding for a year, in winter, it is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning, careful inspection, cleaning every external parts, because the moisture in the air, acidic substances will unknowingly corrosion paint surface, damage or reduce the surface brightness of the paint. If you do this every winter, your bike will stay young forever and look good the next year.

2. Engine

The engine is the core of the whole car, want to keep the car in a best state, need to check the engine oil regularly. If the amount of oil is lower than the standard, it should be replenished in time. All parts should be clear and free from impurities. Motorcycle parking for a long time will cause the internal parts of the engine can not be fully lubricated, the original parts surface oil film will flow to the bottom of the engine under the action of gravity, so that the lack of oil film parts directly contact with air oxidation, resulting in the lack of lubrication between the cylinder and the piston friction, accelerate the wear of parts.

The long-term accumulation of solidified matter will also produce carbon in the engine affect the service life of the motorcycle! So in winter it is best to start a hot car once a week, 3-5 minutes after each slowly coax oil several times, if the weather conditions are good, it is best to ride a small circle.

3, air filter

To a good car, an air filter is an athlete's lung. Therefore, the use of clean air filters is a must. Imported car air filter is more expensive, a few hundred, although expensive but must be changed, because a damaged air filter, dust, sand will all through the carburetor into the cylinder, wear ring and valve, if blocked, will cause insufficient power, increased fuel consumption. The increase in fuel consumption will inevitably lead to high speed black smoke exhaust. As the valve carbon accumulates, the durability and power of the car will be compromised.

4, tire

If the motorcycle is not ridden for a long time, some deformation will occur in our tires according to the weight of the vehicle and some parts that are easy to oxidize, and too low tire pressure will lead to safety risks on the road. For example, there will be inflexible steering, and even affect your cornering, fuel consumption will increase, and the most serious will be the risk of a flat tire.

5, fuel tank

Domestic gasoline impurities are many, have time, once a year to remove the oil tank, remove the oil switch, the bottom of the water, rust off, and then the fuel tank sai dry, re - load.

6. Clutch

Even if a 250 displacement 4 cylinder car, it is enough to meet the daily speed, you dare to pull, as long as it is not blocked see red, good oil, the basic car is still normal use. But if you have the bad habit of half-locking the clutch, then the car will be extremely worn. The debris of clutch plate wears the bearing bush greatly, so attention should be paid to this bad habit.


7, damping

The front shock absorption is basically a year to change the shock absorption oil, after the shock absorption if the oil leakage, in the core did not spend the replacement of the oil seal, but once the core spent, can only replace the assembly.

8, valve

How to maintain the valve? The answer is yes, we can add fuel additives, the general 250 model can be used 20 times a bottle, and the front airway is brown, after use to open the carburetor, the whole airway is silver white, bright as new.

9. Antifreeze

Water-cooled motorcycle, it is recommended that in the winter approaching must replace cooling water, the use of genuine antifreeze and distilled water by 1:1 mixture to replace the original cooling water. Before the ice season, don't forget to replace, also don't hesitate to replace, there is a case of penny wise and pound foolish.

10. Battery

Winter should check and maintain their car's battery. Everyone knows will continue to a running engine motorcycle battery, when the car battery to discharge after flameout, average electricity capacity of 1% drop in 24 hours, if you don't do processing, ready to ride again not only won't catch fire, and that of sulfide on the surface of the battery plate affects the effect of charging, completely can not reach the ideal full health life, That's a sad addition to a sad one, so in order to increase battery life, it's best to charge the battery every two weeks to keep it alive.

11. Chains and brakes

Many motorcycle friends are not very concerned about the chain of the motorcycle, the engine to the wheels of the transmission line, in fact, the chain oil and cleaning are particularly simple, but it is recommended not to hang the cleaning chain, easy to handle stuck into the rear tooth plate, more dangerous. In terms of safety, the front and rear brake oil cans should also be checked regularly. The brake system should be checked whenever it is. If there are any changes, they should be replaced or repaired in time.

12, rust prevention treatment

Chains, various bolt parts, exhaust pipes, cylinders all need to be rust-proof. Oil and butter, can ensure that every need coated parts are painted on, chains and all kinds of bolt under a few parts with oil or butter is ok, but the exhaust pipe unloaded, best used to hole pour a small amount of oil, after the installation start, hit a few the accelerator, dispersed on the inner wall of the exhaust pipe to oil, from the spark plug mouth pour a small amount of gas in the cylinder, start the motor, Disperse the gasoline inside the cylinder.

13.Motorcycles should use winter oil

Generally, motorcycle oil viscosity grade is 10W-30 or 10W-40, which is suitable for use in ambient temperatures above -20℃. If in the northeast and other cold areas, the winter temperature may be lower than -20℃, before the arrival of winter should be replaced with a viscosity grade of 5W-30 winter oil, it is suitable for use at ambient temperature above -30℃, better than 10W-30 or 10W-40 low temperature resistance.

14. The motorcycle is stored in a heated room as far as possible

As the temperature drops, the capacity of the battery will naturally decrease, and the number of normal electric starting times of the motorcycle will be reduced accordingly. It is easy to occur the failure of battery loss and motorcycle starting difficulty. The motorcycle is stored in a heated room, which can alleviate the decline of battery capacity and effectively avoid electric starting failure. In addition, rubber, plastic parts in the cold environment for a long time storage will become hard and brittle, affecting the normal use or shorten the service life.

15.Clean up carbon accumulation in time

The weather is cold, cycling speed is generally low, the mileage is short. Driving at low speed for a long time, the mixture can not be completely burned, and the spark plug, valve and piston are easy to produce carbon accumulation, which will affect riding or even cause the vehicle can not start seriously. Therefore, the use of maintenance should be timely clean up the above part of the carbon accumulation.

16. After the cooler is started, it is fully preheated at idle speed

When the cooler starts, the engine temperature is very low, the oil viscosity is large, the fluidity is poor, and the surface of the friction pair cannot be reached in a short time. When the throttle is blown up, the gasoline is not easy to vaporize because of the low engine temperature. More liquid gasoline enters the cylinder, which will dilute the lubricating oil film on the cylinder wall and aggravate the wear.

17. Thicken the mixture appropriately

Low ambient temperature, gasoline is not easy to vaporize, and air density has increased, easy to cause dilute mixture, resulting in difficulties in starting, easy to flameout after starting, poor acceleration performance and other faults. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above faults, professional maintenance personnel should be asked to adjust the carburetor mixing ratio screw and the position of the main oil needle to properly concentrate the mixture.

18. Timely high-speed long-distance driving to avoid oil emulsification

Some of the water vapor from the combustion of the engine's combustible mixture enters the crankcase, where it is normally discharged through the crankcase vent hose. But in winter, the ambient temperature is low, the engine heats up slowly, the oil in the crankcase heats up more slowly, the water vapor condenses into water and enters the oil in the low temperature environment, and the water in the oil is too much, which causes the oil emulsification after stirring.

Therefore, full preheating before driving, timely high-speed long-distance driving (at the speed of 50 ~ 60km/h for more than 20 minutes), will not cause oil emulsification, even if there is emulsification, the water in the oil will evaporate, through the ventilation hose discharge from the crankcase, so as to eliminate emulsification. In addition, to often check the oil color, oil turned white should be replaced immediately.