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Precautions for winter storage of motorcycles
Release date:2021.12.16

1. Clean and wipe the motorcycle, and dry it in ventilation or sunlight.

2. If conditions permit, simple waxing can be carried out on the car body shell, fuel tank, fender and other paint parts, and special rubber protective agent can be applied to rubber and plastic parts such as handlebars, oil pipes.

3, put out the gasoline, in case the gasoline dries up and blocks the relevant parts.

4, choose antifreeze oil suitable for winter use.

5. Inject a certain amount of oil into the exhaust pipe, keep the exhaust pipe high before low tilt, so that the oil flows into the front end of the exhaust pipe, and then start the car, so that the remaining oil is discharged. In this way, the oil can be evenly coated on the inner wall of the exhaust pipe to prevent rust.

6. Fill the engine with a certain amount of oil from the spark plug mouth, install the spark plug, step on the starting rod 5-6 times, so that the oil is evenly coated on the cylinder wall.

7. Wash and oil the transmission chain to prevent rust.

8, long-term parked motorcycle, tire pressure before and after the usual ride a little more.

9. Park the car in a dry and ventilated warehouse. If the environment is cold and wet or parked in the open air, it will accelerate the aging and rust of the motorcycle appearance.

10, the big bracket, so that the front and rear wheels suspended, or pad on the wood, to avoid the tire with a fixed point contact with the ground caused by rubber deformation.

11. Cover the locomotive with dustproof and breathable special car clothes and lock it.

12.Every half a month to start the heat engine, let the engine turn, by the way to charge the battery.

13. If the battery is not started for a long time, please remove it from the car and wipe it clean. After sufficient electricity, put it in a place where it is dry and out of reach of children, and ensure that it is charged every two months.

14. In the second year, when using the locomotive, the oil and filter should be replaced, and a comprehensive inspection and maintenance should be done in the store.