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Ducati electric sports car, in track testing
Release date:2021.12.23

Ducati CEO once said that the current technology of electric vehicles is still at a disadvantage compared with that of fuel vehicles. In recent years, almost all major motorcycle manufacturers have launched their own electric motorcycles or electric vehicles. Just when it was thought ducati wouldn't be launching an electric model any time soon, ducati announced its entry into the electric field! And Ducati's Moto E racer is not a modification of a commercially available car, but a racetrack machine made entirely for racing

Ducati's Moto E, code named V21L, has the same exterior design as a traditional sports car, but with no extra aero kit or accessories. The shape of the front fairing and the line from the fuel tank to the seat cushion have a touch of Panigale. Top of the line, Ohlins suspension, Brembo braking and Marchesini triad, all carbon fiber for the rocker arms and subframe


Ducati has clearly worked hard on the weight and weight aspects of the car, which are key to success. The most important is that the distance to complete the race must be fitted with a rather heavy battery, so the rest of the body is key to reducing weight and improving lap times until the battery weight cannot be reduced significantly

Ducati test drivers Michele Pirro, said: "this bike is light, have good balance, in addition, on the throttle response and ergonomics, are quite close to the MotoGP race, if it weren't for in the test decided to limit the power output to the performance of the 70% limit, I think with the factory car difference is very small."

Unlike other motorcycle brands, Ducati entered the electric arena with world-class electric motorcycle racing, and then it was a smart move to transfer these technologies to civilian models