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Is this going to take off? The motorguze V100 Mandello with the electronic wind wing
Release date:2021.12.23

2021 is the 100th anniversary of Motoguz. Due to the impact of the epidemic, motoguz could not celebrate the 100th anniversary so much as to tell its fans that 2021 is their 100th birthday through a series of special 100th anniversary editions, and the recently released V100 Mandello is the main model of the 100th anniversary series.

V100 Mandello is the first motorcycle to use electronic wing, and also the first MOTO GUZZI model to use water cooling and heat dissipation. The car combines the most advanced electronic functions, creating a high-tech image for MOTO GUZZI, which focuses on the retro car market.

V100 Mandello is a travel car model with a NK style. It focuses on a pair of electronic fins hidden on both sides of the fuel tank, which look like the wings of an airplane when opened. Therefore, the manufacturer compares it to the ailerons of the wing in the promotional video. The V100 Mandello's fixed wing actually shields the wind, acting as an enveloping or windscreen for greater comfort at high speeds. The manufacturer said that the electronic wing can reduce up to 22% of the strong wind, with electronic control of the short windshield, can play the role of station wagon.


Another feature is that it is equipped with a horizontal 1042cc DOHC 8-valve 90 degree V2 engine. Facing the Euro v environmental regulations, the engine has also been adjusted, abandoning air cooling and using the newly developed water cooling heat dissipation system to improve combustion efficiency and reduce harmful substances emissions. Maximum horsepower and torque spikes are 115hp and 10.7kg-m, respectively, providing 90% torque output at 3500 RPM.

The Marelli 11MP ECU driving computer is electronically identical to the Apulia RSV4 1100 and uses the 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to collect body dynamics data. Use the Ohlins EC2.0 semi-active electronic shock absorbers. Power modes are available for Travel, Sport, Rain and Road. Each mode uses preset tracking system (section 4), engine braking (section 3) and curved ABS adjustable. Available via a 5.5-inch color TFT screen, cruise cruise, bend lighting (according to the steering lighting), hot twist cylinder and fast electronic gear shift are all available.

V100 Mandello's power, electric control and other configurations are quite good. Although the main function of the electronic wing is to keep out the wind, the appearance design and novelty are still refreshing. The positioning of retro style and the configuration of science and technology add sweetness to the beauty of many modern machines.