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Appearance level, sales responsibility! Motorcycles under 20,000 yuan are recommended
Release date:2021.12.23

As a big toy for adults, more and more people fall in love with motorcycles! Let's share a few motorcycle models with a price of 20,000 yuan or less, sales volume and appearance level are good, suitable for beginners to choose from.

01 Appearance level bear: Spring Breeze 250 SR roadster

In the imitation race street run this series, the spring breeze 250SR is less than 20,000 yuan landing price is quite attractive. At present, the spring breeze this small sports car, very popular with young people, it also replaced the position of 250NK, and even many female motorcycle friends choose this car for the reason that is like its appearance level, motorcycle riding must be handsome, it can be said that like the spring breeze 250SR sports car motorcycle friends, the first glance is definitely the appearance level.

Chunfeng 250SR has two versions: the ABS version of 19,980 yuan and the track version of 21,680 yuan, which is basically a ceiling with a budget of 20,000 yuan. The landing price must be more than 20,000 yuan. Spring Breeze this trot due to its early debut, the market is selling better, at that time, instead of choosing the higher-priced Suzuki 250, the only one who likes small sports cars is spring Breeze 250SR.


The car's dynamic performance is strong, 100 kilometers can accelerate up to 8 seconds; The weight and hot-melt configuration make the car very light and smooth handling, not to mention other aspects of performance, but these advantages are enough to make new car riders love it.

02 Brand responsibility: Honda 190TR and 190SS

To buy a joint venture straddle, 20,000 yuan less options, of course, except for commuter models. The joint venture model with the largest displacement under 20,000 yuan is currently The 190 series of Honda. Although it is known as 190, the actual displacement is only 183CC.

Both 190s are retro models that are selling well. One is the new Continent Honda 190TR, priced between 16,980 ~ 17,580 yuan; The other is the 190SS (16,980 yuan) from Wuyang Honda.


The 190 is only a little less than 150 gap, can not play 250 down 150, to catch up with 250 is very difficult. Fortunately, Honda brand cars are more endurance, quality stability and brand retention rate, which is the reason for many people to choose it.

03.Paradigm responsibility: Panda Kingira 300

Like Harley retro prince model of friends, you can choose this type of Jinjila 300, which is a good market to sell a vintage cruise car, plus small low body, and good appearance level, there are many female users to choose the reason.


Jinjila 300 points with low and high with two versions, low with 19980 yuan, high with 22980 yuan. At present, its official website is featured with a high version, which also shows that this small table orders more, manufacturers do not worry about sales. Jingira 300 retro prince positioning, V-type twin cylinder water-cooled model, good power, cost-effective, so get many entry-level users like.

The cars shared above are about 20,000 yuan, which are easy to see on the street. The models cover three categories: sports car, retro and prince, which are all models with good sales on the market at present.

Now on the market, the following 20 thousand yuan of fun class new car options are less, manufacturers seem to be scrambling for more than 20 thousand yuan of the market. And the joint venture riding cross models of 20,000 yuan below the new car is also not much. For purely domestic brands like Shengshi and Kaiyue, there are few play-class new cars at this price. But the motorcycle of 20,000 yuan below, still is the ideal price in the mind of many salaried people, with respect to the market existing model, it is difficult to meet the needs of this part of the people!

At present, the market launched models, it is difficult to do a car eat. For manufacturers, positioning market segments, according to different user needs, launch more different new models, future sales growth is promising!