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Domestic entry sports car entered the 450cc stage
Release date:2021.12.27

When it comes to sports cars, Chunfeng is more playful

Chunfeng's new car will be a two-cylinder 450cc model, although the official explanation was not made. It is said that chunfeng's 250SR will not smell so good immediately after the announcement of the new sports car, and dealers will have a direct impact on sales

The engine is a 450cc water-cooled engine with 270° crankshaft and a maximum power of 33.5kW, which stands out in a domestic race and is comparable to Kawasaki's Ninja400. Combined with Chunfeng's years of racing experience, Storytelling marketing ability should play a good performance


At present, the "arms race" between the leading brands in the whole vehicle industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Chunfeng is good at making products and telling stories, while Qianjiang is good at making the overall market layout. Facing wuji 300RR, Kaiyue 321RR, and Qianjiang Sa350, Chunfeng 450 SR-C21 is undoubtedly once again standing in the forefront from the displacement of the pressure. Even kawasaki Ninja 400, which has been popular in China for several years, has also caused some impact, as for Yamaha'S R3 should not be a level of competition

However, even if the displacement rises to 450cc, the majority of new cars should be faced. Before 400CC domestic cars are rare, and the price of imported cars is not close to the people, so the chunfeng 450 SR will definitely shrink the 250 sports car market after the launch, and it is also a good choice for many novice upgrades

It is time to see the spring breeze capacity and price ~