market dynamics
In 2021, the sales of large and medium-sized motorcycles in China increased by nearly 60%
Release date:2021.12.28
According to the data of China Automobile Association, in November, the domestic sales of large row growth, more than 250CC large displacement motorcycle sales 26,000 units, a year-on-year growth of 47.5%, according to statistics from January to November cumulative sales of 299,600 units, is expected to increase by nearly 60%.


Let's look at the breakdown of displacement, 250cc(excluding)~400cc displacement segment in November sales of 18,500 vehicles, year-on-year growth of 41.1%, January to November cumulative sales of 208,900 vehicles; In the 400cc(excluding)~750cc displacement segment, the sales volume was 60,700 in November, up 49.7% year on year, and the cumulative sales volume from January to November was 87,400. Over 750CC, 0.08 thousand units were sold in November, and the cumulative sales from January to November were 300 thousand units. It can be seen that models with small and medium displacement occupy the absolute main force, and the novice entry-level consumer group is the main growth source of motorcycle sales, while the demand for upgrading and replacing large displacement is not so obvious.

From the perspective of several domestic brands, the spring breeze's large-row models gradually become stronger, but the sales of 250cc(including) and above displacement have declined, which may be affected by the off-season, chip shortage and the high sales of the popular 250SR model.

Qianjiang motorcycle Shanghai company recently officially opened, four cylinder imitation race 600 with the level without competing products, so sales have been good, race 350, race 250 in the similar displacement models superior performance, outstanding appearance, in Chongqing motorcycle exhibition and released a new flash 300S and Yi 550. In addition, the joint venture between Qianjiang and Harley was officially registered, which further accelerated the mass production of subsequent new models.

Longxin GENERAL motors followed, in Chongqing motorcycle exhibition released the imitation race 250RR, street car 525R, retro 350AC and pedal 350, and chunfeng, Qianjiang together become the first echelon of domestic motorcycle enterprises.

The data of the other five books and the new books are relatively stable, but in the medium and long term, whether the independent brand can improve the brand and quality control will become the key to the competition.

There will be more new models with displacement in the domestic market in the coming year, among which chunfeng SR-C21, as an upgrade option for entry-level players, is likely to be a hit. 700 and 800CC large-row models further expand the European and American markets. However, every coin has two sides, there are new opportunities, there are new worries, with the domestic ban, restrictions on motorcycle control policy, leading to a decline in domestic motorcycle demand, the introduction of a large number of foreign brands of new models intensified competition in the domestic motorcycle market, the continuing impact of COVID-19 also led to a decline in domestic motorcycle export sales.