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Motorcycle trespass ban, deduct 3 points to deduct 1 point!
Release date:2021.12.28
On December 27, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) released revised measures for the Administration of Road traffic Safety Violations, which will take effect on April 1, 2022, according to its website. After the modification of the score behavior a total of 50, for us to ride a motorcycle, several illegal behavior deduction points have been changed, need to pay attention to.


1. 9 points will be deducted once driving a motor vehicle without hanging the motor vehicle plate or intentionally shielding or nondestructive motor vehicle plate on the road

That is to say, the motorcycle modified folding short tail such shield plate way, from the previous 12 points, changed to 9 points


2. If driving a motor vehicle violates the prohibition sign or the prohibition line indication, one point will be deducted at a time

Many areas have different bans and restrictions on motorcycles. For example, Beijing, Beijing A, Beijing B license, Beijing B 24 hours A day can not enter the fourth ring. So "score management method" after the change, such as Beijing B motorcycle riding into the fourth ring such breaking and banning behavior, from a previous deduction of 3 points, changed to deduct 1 point