market dynamics
The Price of the Wuji 500CC platform has been reduced by nearly 5,000
Release date:2021.12.30
Recently, Wuji announced the new prices of all models, most of which have not changed very much, but the prices of models with 500CC platform have changed a little. Let's take a look


500R with sliding clutch, 34800 down to 29999, down 4800 yuan


500DS with sliding clutch, from 38800 to 33580, down 5220 yuan

Surprisingly, the price of 500AC has not changed in this change


From this idea of price reduction can probably be seen in three aspects of information:

(1) Longxin's previous pricing of 500cc platform is not scientific and reasonable from the perspective of the whole price system. This is a price correction;

(2) For 500CC platform series models, dealers' inventory pressure may be relatively large at present, so the price reduction at this point also hopes to bring a wave of sales and help dealers clear inventory;

③, the new 525 platform has come out of the new model, Longxin needs to tell a new story to stimulate the market, 500CC will not be the main flagship platform in the future!