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How to park a motorcycle safely?
Release date:2021.12.30

Have you ever had your car knocked over after it was parked? If you hate this kind of behavior, be sure to read on to find out why motorcycles are easy to tamper with and how to avoid it.

Why does someone always touch my motorcycle?

In fact, small vehicles are more or less exposed to this kind of incident, but motorcycles are different in several ways:

1, and the small size of the motorcycle does not match the weight, people who have not ridden a motorcycle can easily identify a 200kg Honda CB650R and a 50kg calf electric car as the same object. But not everyone can push the Honda, even fewer can lift it up after reversing, and its greater weight means the damage caused by falling over is far greater than on an e-bike.

2. The value of the motorcycle is not in line with common sense. When the police found the person who knocked my motorcycle down, he asked me in the mediation whether two or three hundred yuan was enough to repair it.

3, motorcycle gorgeous appearance, just like you can't help but look at the roadside super car a few eyes, a ducati V4 parked on the side of the road will also attract a lot of eyes and a few don't live hands.

Two, how to park more safely?

1. Street monitoring: First of all, whether to prevent theft or daily scratches, you should always choose a place with street monitoring to park.

2, lock the car: it is recommended to use disc brake lock, and pay attention to the following points:

(1) Do not lock in the front wheel, disc brake lock locked in the front wheel when pushing the car may make the disc brake lock contact the front fender, so that others do not know that you lock the car moving the car will be the front fender crash.

② If you are not far from the car, such as the downstairs of the unit, or temporarily parked in the restaurant door, I recommend choosing the disc brake lock with alarm, the alarm sound can let you react in the first time.

(3) When locking the car, try to put the disc brake lock in an unstable, easy to fall down the position, if someone moved your car, the lock will fall, change the position, when you return to the parking space, check the lock position change can be used to determine whether someone moved your car. If there is any change, be sure to check the appearance of the whole car for scratches and traces of reversing.



3, car clothes: long-term parking or overnight parking, it is recommended to cover the car clothes, half cover car clothes is smaller than the full cover, more convenient collection, storage volume is smaller.

4, move the car phone: make a card with "do not touch, move the car phone: XXX-XXX" words on the car, will play a small role, I took the move the car phone, but in he found himself unable to move, just call.


5. Vehicle-mounted monitoring: it is recommended to choose the dashcam with parking monitoring, or the portable camera with 4G network and wireless interconnection with mobile phones, and install it in the appropriate position of the car. It's best to use body-sensing cameras, which can record people passing by while parking, people admiring your car, people touching and moving in a hostile way, and what they say. These will become important evidence in the case and lawsuit.