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Spring Breeze launches 250CL-X, available in January this year!
Release date:2022.01.04

Since chunfeng launched the 700CL-X style car model, the ability to design this area has been affirmed by the market, not 250CL-X will also come, it seems that Chunfeng is to change the CONCEPT of NK into CLX to play ~


The spring Breeze 250CL-X makeup photo was officially unveiled. It really has the taste of CL-X family at first glance, using 250NK frame and engine platform: The 249cc single-cylinder water-cooled engine has a maximum power of 20.5kW /9750rpm and a maximum torque of 22Nm/7500rpm, slightly better than the standard Benali Cub 250


According to the new car publicity information issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we know some configurations of this car: it is equipped with German continental ABS, with a spare weight of 155kg and a wheelbase of 1365mm. Tire specifications are front 110/70-17 and rear 150/60-17

Spring breeze products and storytelling ability should be the front of the car, because before 700 platform, 650 platform of weak and developed and under electronic control and design is, and the 250 platform of streetcar is faced with many years and there is no big change of problem, introduction to CLX 250 will no doubt give users a new experience, what happens? Let's wait and see!