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Only 4000 yuan is needed. How to choose c-Triomphe TIGER660 and 860?
Release date:2022.01.04

The TIGER SPORT 660 adventure series, priced at 10,5,895 yuan, has been released in China on the first day of the New Year, dubbed "the first TIGER of the Year".


The whole car is equipped with LED lighting, turn signal that automatically switches off, multi-functional instrument panel with TFT LCD screen, and bluetooth module, which can be connected to MY TRIUMPH system. As a rv, the 17-liter fuel tank capacity provides excellent driving capacity, and the one-hand adjustable height windshield is also a very practical design.


For braking, the Nissin 310mm dual front brake discs and dual piston calipers can switch traction control, ABS, in-line oil control doors, and sliding clutch. The shock absorption system uses the Showa 41mm inverted front fork. The Showa MonoShock RSU preload can manually adjust the 150mm front and rear wheel travel for better road passing performance. The front shock dip Angle is 23.1° for improved handling at low speeds.


In terms of power, c-Triomphe's special three-cylinder engine is full of torque at low and medium speeds, and more smooth at high speeds. The peak power is 59.7KW /10250rpm, and the peak torque can reach 65N·m at 8000rpm. The hidden bottom row presents unique C-triomphe three-cylinder exhaust sound.


In addition, the seat height is 835mm, and 810mm low seat is optional. The handlebar guard and exclusive three boxes with matching colors are optional. Two full helmets can be placed in the rear box, which greatly improves the storage space required for travel.