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Sanyang 300 flat pedal appearance, only 26800 yuan
Release date:2022.01.04

The Joymax F, which was unveiled at the Milan Motor Show just over a month ago, will be sold at 28,800 yuan in Korea on Monday, and will be sold at 26,800 yuan cheaper if ordered in January 2022


In terms of power, Joymax F is equipped with a 278mL single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine and Siemens ELECTRONIC injection system. Maximum power 19kW (8000r/min), maximum torque 26N·m (6000r/min). Safety configuration, TCS+ front and rear ABS, in the mechanical aspect has provided maximum safety guarantee for the driver. After 15 "14" hub, I believe through the scooter is also a good performance.


The concept of "flat pedal" is also not what new concept, but the earliest is only used in the small vehicles, because a "flat" affect the vehicle frame rigidity layout problem, this structure will inevitably increase in other places "heavy" and "pressure" of the vehicle, but the three Yang this price is there should be many car owners can move.