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Qianjiang to imitation race 1000? There is hope for domestic liter four cylinders
Release date:2022.01.07

As a major manufacturer of domestic motorcycles, Qianjiang is not short of news, such as the "scandal" with Harley, the "marriage" with Augusta, and recently officially announced its entry into Moto3, which are all international ways ~

In the power platform, Qianjiang is not to be outdone, you have to count, like two hands can not count ~, from 125cc we know all the way to 1200cc, there should be a lot of strategic platform in secret development ~, the recent rumor that Qianjiang is going to develop a 1000 liter imitation race, this thing is interesting ~


It is rumoured that the engine for the Race 1000 will be Augusta's in-line quater, this is yet to be confirmed, we know that Augusta seems to have a better handle on the three-cylinder, if true, it will be a bit similar to benali's story

Qianjiang really want to build a four-cylinder 1000cc liter sports car, it is not surprising, after all, 600cc four-cylinder has been too many years, whether strategically or on the product line, there is such a demand, it is time to upgrade, so in the face of the domestic four cylinder manufacturers aggressively, is also a "success".

At the same time, four-cylinder liter platform, through the sports car into the market, there can be more evolution in the future, if the price and quality can also be improved, I believe that we are still happy to see!