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Kawasaki ZX - 4 r? A 400cc four-cylinder sports car is on the way!
Release date:2022.01.18

In 2020, Kawasaki released the Ninja ZX-25R, a four-cylinder 250cc sports car that we had never thought possible. It became the smallest four-cylinder car in production in the world, but the price was so high that most fans could only dream about it.

Recently, sources in Japan said that Kawasaki is planning to launch a more attractive model, a 400cc version of the ZX-4R four-cylinder sports car


Kawasaki's own patent application provides conclusive evidence, and a document first published by the Japanese Patent Office in 2019 clearly states that the design is "best used in vehicles equipped with four-cylinder 400cc engines".

With a high probability, the new car is expected to share most of its parts with the existing ZX-25R, including the tubular steel frame, rear rocker arm and most of the body. It will also share the lower panel already used on the ZX-25R, which is the heart of the patented cooling system, with internal ducts that deliver air to the alternator on the left and the clutch on the right.

The front face and headlights will be closer to the SHAPE of the ZX-10R, and since the ZX-25R is capable of producing 50.3 horsepower at 15,500 RPM, it is estimated that the ZX-4R can even reach 80 horsepower. What's more, its torque goes up from 23 Nm (14,500 RPM) at 250 to about 32 Nm or more

Like ZX-25R, zX-4R's main target market may be the Asian market, with larger displacement and higher performance, I believe the audience will be larger, but I do not know the price?

What do you think of zX-4R coming soon after waiting so long for CB400?