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Appearance level online, zongshen Saikelon 400CC sports car coming soon
Release date:2022.01.18

At last year's Chongqing Motorcycle Fair, Zongshen exhibited its largest displacement sports car, RC3S, equipped with its own 401cc twin cylinder water-cooled engine. There has been no news, but in 2022 zongshen should have action ~

Judging from the sitting position of the road test photo, it is more inclined to the street running type for daily use, and among the current domestic two-cylinder sports cars with displacement less than 500cc, it seems that this car will become the largest displacement

Check out the blueprints that were circulating on the Internet


It seems that Zongshen has not made any efforts in sports car, and the whole product line also needs such a product. It should be released in 2022. From the perspective of appearance level alone, it is still quite attractive.