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High-performance electric motorcycles? Ducati went ahead
Release date:2022.01.20
At present, electric motorcycle in performance, weight, etc or fuel car has some insurmountable gap on technology, but the gap is gradually being narrow, as a high-end fashion brand of motorcycle, ducati clearly saw this, from fuel oil platform limits on design, electric motorcycle more free space and possibilities, it is interesting

It was recently announced that Ducati will be the official supplier of the FIM MotoE championship starting in 2023


Ducati were clearly well prepared, and in less than eight weeks after announcing themselves as suppliers, they had a prototype racing car that was doing very well at the Misano circuit in Italy!

Ducati's electric racing car is code-named V21L. The name hasn't been explained, and many design details haven't been released, but they've released some test photos that show the body is heavily made of carbon fiber!

Hard shell chassis, chassis should be the storage position of the battery, the motor above, and you can see the front area is a heat device, should be for the motor and battery heat dissipation, obviously, the design of electric vehicle is higher freedom, but the problem of weight loss is also called a new challenge!

Ducati's long-time development driver Michelle Pirro was impressed with the V21L. He said: "Testing the prototype MotoE on the track is very exciting as it marks the beginning of an important chapter in Ducati's history. The car is very light and already well balanced. In addition, the throttle connection and ergonomics of the first opening phase are very similar to those of MotoGP models. If it weren't for the quiet, and for this test, we decided to limit power output to 70 percent of performance, I could easily imagine I was riding a fuel-powered motorcycle."

MotoE is a platform that ultimately goes from prototype to production. In its current state, though, electric motorcycles fall short of the brand's minimum requirements in terms of performance, features and weight. But with the V21L now on track, it could pave the way for most of the problems. With the support of funds, and such a good event to do the technical reserve and promotion, I believe ducati will go further in this area!