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Will the limit on the service life of two-wheeled motorcycles be lifted?
Release date:2022.01.26

A document from the Ministry of Public Security has revealed that the 13-year compulsory scrapping of motorcycles may be cancelled. Mo said this time a little hope!

There has been a strong call for the mandatory scrapping of motorcycles in 13 years. It has been said for many years. Li Bin, vice chairman of the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, has been asked about mandatory scrapping by the media on several occasions, and Li has always said that various departments are coordinating.


Perhaps many car users have no hope for the mandatory scrapping period of 13 years, but recently a notice about soliciting opinions on the "Mandatory scrapping Standards for Motor Vehicles (revised Draft for Comments)" was published online.

There is a clear statement in soliciting opinions: small and miniature non-operating passenger vehicles, large non-operating cars, ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles, multi-purpose trucks, wheeled special mechanical vehicles without service life limit.


It is worth noting that the time in the lower right corner of the screen is January 2, 2022. If this opinion is true, it is undoubtedly a bombshell news for domestic car fans and will kindle new hope that there may be a chance this time!