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The cheapest three cylinders? Benali TNT899 production line exposure!
Release date:2022.01.26

Should come always want to come, quiet for a long time Benali, recently broke out the TNT899 production line group map, it seems that domestic three cylinders from everyone another step closer

Before the FAIR TNT899 has also appeared, last year in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology directory also has this model, the current production line group map exposure, means that this car is not far from everyone


The 2022 Benali TNT899 boasts 120 horsepower and 88kW.

Since Qianjiang released the QJ brand, every platform of Benali has tilted towards QJ, which undoubtedly weakens Benali's influence on the market. After QJ platform becomes stable, Qianjiang is also in urgent need of new driving platform and new story to reshape Benali's image. From TNT899, The future direction is bound to be differentiated from QJ. Benali should concentrate more on a large row of high-end models, while QJ is mainly engaged in the harvesting operation of main groups

So what do you think of this three-cylinder TNT899 and how much will you buy it?