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The latest! Kaiyue 399cc four-cylinder engine about to fire!
Release date:2022.01.28

"Kaiyue 4-cylinder engine Number 26, ignition ceremony, 400CC the world's lightest and strongest engine will be released. The whole machine 42 kg......" Recently kaiyue Zhang Xue circle of friends said so.


Zhang claims the engine is a world leader in technology, weighing 42KG, lighter than similar engines such as Honda's, 4KG lighter than Kawasaki's latest 4-cylinder 250 engine, and only 1KG heavier than yamaha R3's twin-cylinder engine.

Different from the large displacement four-cylinder engine of Qianjiang, Pendar and Wessencer, the 399 four-cylinder engine will be a very good displacement on street cars and sports cars.

However, don't doubt its horsepower just because of its small displacement and light weight. The 399cc water-cooled inline four-cylinder 16-valve engine has a 59x36.5mm diameter stroke, a maximum power of 55kW at 13500 RPM and a maximum torque of 44N·m at 12,000 RPM, which is excellent among its class engines.


After all, its high performance of 16,000 RPM has been called the "ceiling" level of domestic engines. We'll have to wait until it hits the market to see how durable such a high-revving engine will be, but it's certainly a young man's real hope for a four-cylinder sports car.

For many motorcyclists in China who are obsessed with the "four-cylinder complex", this four-cylinder engine has attracted wide attention, and the first four-cylinder car equipped with this engine is highly anticipated. What do you think about that?