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Is the motorcycle modified with side box?
Release date:2022.02.09
Zero distance close to nature, enjoy the pleasure of flying all the way, amazed by the scenery along the way...... Modern people have a strong attachment to travel, especially long-distance trips by motorbike. But go out outside, greatly small luggage is unavoidable, compare car, of motorcycle store content space really little is pitiful, even if be the back seat of car of two car has certain store content space, let alone 3 car. To this end, many people who like long-distance motorcycle travel choose to add three boxes to their cars to solve the problem of placing items.


After the back seat of the motorcycle is installed around the side box and the tail box, the cargo is really very convenient, can carry more articles of daily use. But the problem comes with addressing the need. In the journey, many motorcycle friends with three boxes were punished by the traffic police for illegal modification, so in the end add three boxes is not illegal modification?

Let's take a look at the definition of illegal refitting by law: According to the Provisions on Motor Vehicle Registration, changing the brand, model and engine model of a motor vehicle without applying for registration, and changing the appearance and relevant technical data of a registered motor vehicle are illegal refitting.


Therefore, the traffic police will often take out the vehicle license for comparison, because the vehicle license photo is they believe that "unauthorized change of the appearance of the vehicle" intuitive performance. But every and the vehicle driving license photo is not the same, according to the provisions are "illegal"!

However, a motor vehicle is not a modification as long as it does not change the data item of the registration certificate.

First of all, the motorcycle after the installation of three boxes did not change the vehicle brand, model, engine model, but it seems to change the shape of the vehicle, traffic police is generally according to this one to punish the owner. At this point, if the owner does not understand the law, generally only to admit punishment, but let's look at another law.

According to "The People's Republic of China road Traffic Safety Law implementation regulations" article 53 provisions, motorcycle carrying objects, the height from the ground shall not exceed 1.5 meters, the length shall not exceed 0.2 meters of the body. The width of the two wheels of the motorcycle shall not exceed the handlebar 0.15 meters; Three - wheeled motorcycle load width shall not exceed the body. That is to say, the motorcycle equipped with 3 cases of basic belong to traffic rules within the permitted scope of cargo, and three box has function of quick release, after the motorcycle is not fixed after sealed, if the police question, is the most down, so, according to the law, after three boxes can be mounted to the content, for better carrying supplies.


If the traffic police insist on punishment, the owner can clearly tell the traffic police: the last three boxes are not fixed and not removable illegal modification! Detachable cargo baggage only for carrying, in accordance with the law. If the traffic police insist on punishment, the car owner can apply for administrative reconsideration, or file an administrative lawsuit to the court to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.