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402 km/h, electric motorcycle "lightning", set a speed record!
Release date:2022.02.09

Lightning Recycling, an electric motorcycle maker, partnered with CBMM, recently broke Lighting's 2012 Bonneville speed record of 352 km/h, with the new speed exceeding 400 km/h


CBMM, a Brazilian company, makes commercial applications of the metal niobium. Niobium is a very interesting metal. When only 0.1% niobium is mixed with another metal, it forms a super alloy that is not only very stable at different temperatures, but also has higher strength. It is most commonly found in superconductors in jet engines and MRI machines. It offers greater potential for electric motorcycles, and it is used in the cathode and anode of car batteries to achieve ultra-fast charging and higher energy density compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.

"Niobium technology is currently one of the most advanced materials for developing the next generation of batteries," said Mariana Perez de Oliveira, CBMM market development Manager.

Using niobium alloy means Lightning can use less metal to get the same strength, making the motorcycle lighter.

The improved conductivity also means faster power can be extracted from the battery at a more stable temperature, which translates into faster charging. At the same time, high power density car charger of niobium inductor. Compared with standard materials, niobium inductors reduce the temperature of magnetic components by more than 33%.

At present, the electric motorcycle market is also gradually starting, once there is a bigger breakthrough in the battery, then the motorcycle industry is also a very big change, the whole power system, transmission, body modeling will not be limited by the fuel engine, and there is more possibility

2016 rumours yadi and 20 reached a strategic cooperation, making the world's fastest electric car, believe yadi vision is not only the fastest, but more like today's these technological breakthroughs, these will become the future electric giant moat, or secret weapon, once commercially feasible, is one of the best speakers weapon!

Obviously, the current market, the high power electric motorcycle has not yet arrived at the time of commercialization, and the market of traditional commuter electric bike is not even a drop in the sky, but the layout is very important!

We also look forward to domestic brands more such investment, promote the progress of the industry!