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Why build an 890 when KTM has a 790?
Release date:2022.02.11

This operation of KTM in China, sometimes make people feel confused, 790 just came in, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has 890 to domestic news, the recent news about 890 is more and more, it can be confirmed that 890 will be assembled and produced in China, also in the form of CKD, so, it is 100cc, KTM this is to do what?


Those who just bought 790 brothers immediately felt that in the middle displacement, also can only be a brother...

For 790, and 890, we have to understand is in two aspects of commercial considerations, distinguish a, displacement, power, then the price range can do specialization, the difference between high power and low power, the crowd will be some more, two, for BMW's exploration models 750, 850, 790, 890, is a very good opponent, Is the same inline twin cylinder, displacement is larger, weight is lighter, configuration is higher, the price is more preferential, fragrant?

Similar operations include Triumph tiger850 and Tiger900, except that Both Triumph and BMW are focused on adventure models, KTM is playing the banner of super Duke on these two platforms, and even street cars have been readied. There will definitely be 890 ADV models in the future, relatively speaking, the platform utilization will be higher

Is 890 your choice?