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Starting from April 1, driving licenses will undergo "three major" adjustments
Release date:2022.02.15

Learning to drive a motor vehicle has become a very important life skills in life, and driving does not mean that you can drive, whether it is a car, electric car, motorcycle, as long as the vehicle meets the motor vehicle standards, want to drive them on the road, need to hold a driving license.

And now have a driving license driving people more and more, incomplete statistics has more than 400 million people, but the level of a driver's license in China is numerous, including 16 levels, but life is often used in this 3 type of driving license C1, C2, F, respectively to driving manual car, automatic-shift cars, scooters, and electric scooters.


As the Ministry of Public Security has issued a series of regulations on driving licenses and drivers, these changes will start from April 1, 2022. There are three major adjustments worth the attention of C1, C2 and F drivers, which are basically good news. Here is a brief introduction to them.

The first "adjustment" : quasi - driving type does not meet the penalty point reduction.

Driving license isn't a card in hand, can open to all types of motor vehicles, each driver's license corresponding quasi driving type, held by the driver's license can only drive type driving range, otherwise it belong to driving and quasi driving motor vehicle violation of discrepancies is facing directly before 12 points penalty, and now downgraded to nine points.

Why this rule will be affected for cars, electric cars, motorcycles, C1 and C2 drivers, in particular, often in the home will have electric cars, and now the electric cars had not all motor vehicles, as long as the speed of more than 25 km/h, it belongs to the motor vehicle, you must pass the corresponding certificate or F E card to driving, otherwise it belong to quasi driving type.

And if the drive has F certificate, also is not to drive over speed of more than 50 km/h of electric cars and electric tricycle, otherwise will be punished because of quasi driving type discrepancy, which are many drivers easily ignored, now cut the buckle score, also guarantee won't because of a mistake, you need to take the test.

The second "adjustment" : the subject of the driving test has been lowered

Mainstream driving license tests, such as C1, C2 and F, are composed of 4 subjects, including subjects 1 and 4 theoretical knowledge test, subjects 2 driving skills test, subjects 3 road driving skills test, only after completion of a driving license, even driving behavior, the same is true.

Enter oneself for an examination, increases the driving behavior refers to the person already has a similar low level in a driver's license, must want to get a broader drive to repeat the test, this means that the driver must be completed and passed the course and a course of theoretical knowledge, and low grade and high grade of driving type, the theoretical knowledge, to form the learning test repeat, This adjustment simplifies this. When C2 increases driving C1, F increases driving E or D, E increases driving D, it is no longer necessary to repeat the theory test of subject 1 and Subject 4. As long as you pass the site test of subject 2 and road test of subject 3, you can obtain the driving license after increasing driving.

The third "adjustment" : about the expiration of driving license

Is similar to the driver's license and the id of the us, it is not only has uniqueness, also have the period of validity, driving people first get a driver's license, valid for six years, for the first time after the replacement is valid for 10 years, and id card, for the third time to receive is permanent, but and id card is not the same, the first and second replacement has a time limit, or it will expire, If the driver is more than three years overdue, he or she must apply again.

But if it is extended or cancellation within 3 years less than 2 years, the owner only needs to be done and the same remedy by 12 points, attending the subject of a test can, so you can restore a driver's license, and must be going back to the driver's license for reference before exam, after April 1, either to the whole country to apply for the subject test, restore driving school, For drivers to provide a good convenience, of course, or to remind the owner, about their driving license validity, in the first 90 days to replace the license, to avoid the trouble brought by the re-test.

The above is the adjustment that has a great impact on C1, C2 and F drivers. In addition, there are some adjustments in details that also need owners' attention, including:

(1) If the motorcycle does not wear helmet, the deduction will be reduced from 2 points to 1 point;

(2) Driving a motor vehicle to answer a hand-held phone or use an electronic device and other behaviors affecting safety will increase from 2 points to 3 points;

(3) The internship period will not be set up separately with the new driving license;

(4) Learning method minus points, each scoring period can increase 6 points;

(5) Type C driving license, can realize the national general test, A registration, B can also refer to the test.