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Suzuki unveils the new 2022 UU with a big wheel. Is it your thing? !
Release date:2022.02.15

The updated 2022 Suzuki Address 110 has been released to a number of regions around the world, including Taiwan, where the classic pedal features a sporty decal element that makes it more youthful and stylish than the original solid color design. Although it has not been introduced yet, it can be regarded as the big wheel sibling of UU (Youyou) for Korean drivers.


The new version mainly enhances the visual hierarchy. The new decals on the 2022 Address 110 really add to the luster, especially the GT blue, which has a racetrack feel; The black and red version looks very similar to UU125. In addition to the eye-catching "Address" on the body, the headlights and the front face of the car are recognizable as their relatives. And the front double set, foot start rod, front disc and rear drum brake, are also inherited family characteristics.

Of course, Address 110 also has its own characteristics, the front and rear 14-inch wheel hub has wider vision, better passability, the storage space under the seat is designed more reasonable, the volume reaches 20.6L, there is still more after receiving a full helmet.

The parking brake locks the rear wheels and helps stability on ramps and side stays. Although it looks tall, the height of the seat is only 755mm, and the design of the indented foot makes the foot fit the body better.

The single cylinder air cooled engine with 113cc displacement uses the same SEP technology as UU125 and features a new upgraded camshaft, needle roller valve rocker arm, lightweight piston, scroll combustion chamber, six-hole nozzle, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the piston has the same "oil bath" design as the GSX-R1000 and MOTO GP racing cars, which greatly reduces the coefficient of friction and improves combustion efficiency, making the vehicle run quietly, fuel-efficient and powerful.

It is commendable that the fuel tank can run 51.5 kilometers per liter of fuel even though its capacity is only 5.2 liters.

For this "big wheel version OF UU" many mainland car friends are also for a long time. In terms of price, Address 110 is priced at nt $7.18W in Taiwan market, equivalent to about RMB 1.6W.

Now suzuki U series has developed three models, but they are not too different, take the latest UE for example, if you want to seek a new breakthrough, why not consider the development value of this big wheel pedal? What do you think about that? Is this model your type? !