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The new KTM 890 ADV needs fairing and side case
Release date:2022.02.15

Yes! You read that right. That's how wild KTM is. While I've been busy working with Babs on a new limited edition model and on the new DUKE series of electric models, I've had time and energy to test fairing 890 ADV.


The new 890 ADV that KTM is testing is different from all the ADV models released in the past. The most obvious change is the new deflector design, where the protruding body head is now hidden and the side panels extend to the headlights.

The new hood also has two spotlights on the left and right, exhaust, chassis and engine that seem to be inherited from the current 890 Adventure, and the front fender is a high-powered motobike. This test model also added some of the car's favorite three boxes.

The new 890ADV doesn't just change the look of the car. One important change is to use the same 17-inch alloy wheels as the 890 DUKE, replacing the better off-road 21-inch front / 18-inch rear wheels. The suspension is the same WP Apex suspension as the previous base model.

From what we've seen so far, with the addition of a fairing and the DUKE wheel hub, the new KTM 890 ADV should be a city model focused on road cycling. The new 890ADV is expected to debut later this year at the earliest.

KTM 890ADV currently has basic and stronger performance R version in sale, these two models are ALWAYS KTM wild work, however, in this model, Zaiye KTM is also to take into account market demand, the development of a city traffic based models; Do not know is accustomed to the wild KTM ADV can give you bring the comfort of city models.