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Twenty thousand yuan, Honda small displacement new car is coming on the market
Release date:2022.02.17

In the near future, Honda will launch an entry-level new car in China, which will be the new Continent Honda NS 125 series retro new car, and recently released some details about the new car.


This small displacement model of New Continent Honda has also been applied to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology some time ago. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has always had a magical magic, that is, no matter what kind of car can shoot the same style of real car blockbuster.

And from the details of the new car announced recently, this retro model is still some different, caterpillar seat replaced the smooth seat announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; The neat instrument panel and U-led taillights add to the detail.

As for the configuration, the new car seems to be equipped with a smart key system -- Smart Key. New Continent Honda did not add ABS when declaring this new car. The new car is equipped with CBS linkage brake system.

With the same platform NS125D selling price of 12,498 yuan, new Continent Honda's final domestic selling price of this new car should be around this price. At this price range, will people choose this small displacement retro new car?