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Another 660ADV will be on the domestic market
Release date:2022.02.17

It is revealed that the sample of Tuareg 660ADV is on its way back to China and will soon arrive in China, which means that this hard ADV will soon be launched in China.


Last year's Tuareg 660 from Apulia was designed with a minimalist three-stage LED headlamp and transparent flow hood, rather than a bird's beak.

It has the same RS660 twin-cylinder engine, but the retuned engine has a wider torque distribution, delivering 70nm of maximum torque, and is more suitable for ADV in the low turn zone, making the Tuareg 660 a lot more fun to drive.

As a hard pull, the Apulia Tuareg 660 is equipped with a fully adjustable KYB suspension system, a combination of front and rear 21 - and 18-inch vacuum spoke wheels, and a 9.5-inch long stroke suspension that provides 240mm ground clearance.

The Tuareg 660's steel tube frame incorporates the engine as part of the load-bearing structure, which has been the mainstay of weight reduction in new cars for some time, and is enhanced by its 187kg dry weight.

In addition to the KYB suspension, the Apulia Tuareg 660 is equipped with Brembo calipers, TFT meters, deactivated ABS (in off-road mode ABS only work on the front wheels and can be fully deactivated if necessary), cruise control, traction control, and APRC.


Tuareg 660 Configuration parameters:

Engine type: liquid cooled, parallel twin cylinder, DOHC

Capacity: 659 cc

Cylinder diameter X stroke: 81.0 x 63.9mm

Horsepower: 80 HP @ 9,250 RPM

Torque: 70n.m@ 6,500 RPM

Front shock: KYB 43mm fully adjustable inverted fork

Rear shock absorbers: KYB knapsack fully adjustable shock absorbers

Front brake: Brembo four-piston calipers, ABS

Rear brake: Brembo single piston caliper, ABS

Seat height: 850mm

Dry weight: 187 kg

Tank capacity: 18L

The source did not reveal when the Tuareg 660 will be launched, but given the RS 660's appearance at the Beijing Motorcycle Show last year, the ADV apulia is also likely to debut in May.

As for the price of the new car, with the same series of RS660 118,800 yuan look, the overseas price of the same as the domestic price of Tuareg 660 Apulia should be this range, want to start with the middleweight adventure car friends can wait.