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This 250 is a bit cool, we can catch up when we update it in China
Release date:2022.02.22

Yamaha India has unveiled its entry level model FZS 25 for 2022, which used to be a bestseller in the same series in the country, this time with two new prints priced at Rs 143,300.


The 2022 FZS 25 still adopts the line of matte interior converging. The new body color is changed from the dark green of model 21 to matte black and matte copper of black and gold version, and the bright gold is adopted in the wheel frame to make the finishing point.

The 2022 FZS 25 is powered by the same familiar 249cc air-cooled, SOHC, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with 20.8PS(15.3kW)/ 8,000 RPM and 20.1Nm/ 6,000 RPM, respectively.

The braking system consists of dual-channel ABS with 282mm front / 220mm rear disc brakes. The new car is also equipped with side-brace flameout device, adjustable 7-level rear shock absorbers, and negative display LCD meters. The exterior of the new car retains the previously updated one-line location lights and LED fish-eye lighting.

Yamaha's domestic model has not been updated for years, and at the current price of 12,085 yuan in India, this model not only competes with the country's many 250s, but is coveted by local drivers.

I wonder when Yamaha will remember that FZ 250 is also available in China