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Regarding safety, the new Kawasaki H2 SX has been enhanced
Release date:2022.02.22

Kawasaki, which has been beefing up its security design for the past two years, has recently disclosed a new patent for the front-facing lens, which will be used on the new H2 SX.

Kawasaki's new technology is a safe ride assist system that monitors the road surface with a front-facing camera and a rear blind spot sensor. The front-facing camera is used to enable adaptive cruise control and collision warning.


This new patent brings two interesting things, one is automatic braking, the other is automatic switching lights.

Automatic braking is coordinated with radar to detect other vehicles or pedestrians on the road and other obstacles, the system will automatically brake to avoid collisions.

The new camera automatically switches between its high and low beams by capturing the lights of the vehicle in the opposite direction. In addition, it also provides a new way to cope with the use of multi-led headlights, without switching the low light can automatically dim a small part of the lights to avoid causing a blinding driver.

Kawasaki's new patent is expected to use BOSCH's front lens module, and although the technology has been tested for a year, it remains to be seen whether the features described are as sophisticated as current car radar detection systems.

For us car friends, it is good to have new technology, but what is more important is when this technology can be popularized, so that the subsequent purchase of ordinary models can also have more security. Manufacturers need to step up their game