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Officer xuan! Wuji 350AC will be on the market soon, over 20,000 yuan?
Release date:2022.02.24

Today, Wuji officially announced the news that its new model 350AC will be on the market, and at the same time announced to open their retro 2.0 era, in the follow-up new car has not yet arrived, today first with you to see the protagonist 350AC today.


The new 350AC has a few different styling elements from the original 300AC, but the biggest change is the two-cylinder engine that was introduced in the previous Model, the Vietnam 321RR.

At present, the official release of the news, the new model with the previous appearance did not have obvious changes, is still the use of inverted fork, vertical headlights have been changed to the upper and lower LED headlights, exhaust is still the previous side high row design.

It is reported that the final mass production of the new car TFT full color LCD instrument, taillight shape is also the previous exposure of a font. Other features include a dual - channel ABS braking system with riqing calipers.

The new engine of The Wuji 350AC was announced at the auto show as 31kW / 10,500rpm and has a maximum torque of 30Nm/9000rpm, but the maximum power of the engine was later reported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to be reduced to 30kW.

These changes may be due to the configuration of the car, but it should soon be clear how a high-retransmission motor on a retro model will fare.

At present, the starting price of Wuji 300AC is 19,980 yuan, and the climbing version is 20,980 yuan. How much do you think the price of this dual-cylinder 350AC will be listed?