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A new bullet? A new Honda weapon?
Release date:2022.02.24

It's no secret that Honda is going to launch a new flagship CB series. There have been patent applications before, and recently there have been some different news about the new CB series.


Honda will develop the HAWK 1100, based on the current non-twin 1084cc water-cooled twin-cylinder engine. The new car will also have a Cafe Racer-style exterior design, which has been illustrated in Japanese media.

Honda's new Cafe Racer-style car will feature a classic semi-deflector, a bullet-shaped hood that wraps round headlights, low clip-on handlebars and a more sporty body than the current CB series.

However, while renderings have sketched out some details about the new Honda model including the Nicoqing caliper, there has been no official confirmation from Honda about the HAWK 1100.

However, with the introduction of new models based on non-dual platforms over the past few years (REBEL 1100, NT1100), it is not surprising that Honda's powertrain will continue to develop other models, particularly its older CB1100 series, which will be phased out due to increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Whether Honda's new flagship streetcar will come with a Cafe Racer-style bullet as a new weapon or a continuation of the classic, we'll see what Honda can surprise us with.