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Here comes the Triumph electric scooter! 180 horsepower, 300 kilometers in half an hour
Release date:2022.03.01

The TE-1 marks the start of C-Triomphe's push into the new energy sector. Although c-Triomphe seems to have a late start to electrification, the project actually started in 2019. The te-1 project was all about the battery and powertrain, and with the help of several companies and schools, C-Triomphe met its target on time. C-triomphe's role was more as the final design and integration to make it look more like an "electric motorcycle."


Te-1 actually refers to not a single product, but a whole set of universal power units. The test product now on display can still be called TE-1. You can see that its appearance is directly derived from Speed Triple, but the battery and motor assembly are different from the fuel engine structure, so the frame has been greatly modified.

One of the obvious advantages of many high-performance electric scooters, and the TE-1 is no exception, is the centrality of the body's center of gravity, which allows the body to be more compact without the traditional transmission and complex transmission system.

Although it is an electric product, it still needs c-Triomphe's signature frog eyes.

Belt drive is the first choice of many trams. There are many advantages of belt drive, among which lightweight and maintenance-free are its main highlights. In terms of power, C-Triomphe has previously announced 175 horsepower, 120 mile range, and 0-80% 20-minute fast charging, which is the mainstream level of high-performance trams at present.


We don't know much about c-Triomphe TE-1, but we do know that from 2019 to now, c-Triomphe's electrification plan is well underway. Major European companies actually start electric has a different point in time, but BMW, Harley Davidson has been walking in the forefront, quantity of finished goods early on the market, if back five years back, electric may stunt is greater than the actual meaning of the motorcycle, but now, under pressure from energy and carbon emissions, had to sent the electric products is imminent.