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Another Honda sporty new car, due to debut in March
Release date:2022.03.01

Honda announced on its Japanese website yesterday that the new car will be unveiled at the 38th Osaka Motorcycle Show (March 19-21) in March. Officials said the new car will be a road sports model.


According to the official video, Honda's upcoming vehicle is the HAWK 11 we reported on a while ago. The new car revealed the shape of the front with the previous foreign media disclosure of the rendering of some similar, the same round bullet design.

Unfortunately, Honda has yet to reveal much more about the new car, except for the split design of the LED headlights. The good news is that the new car's head fairing is more coordinated than previously revealed in the rendering.

Although Honda has not revealed the specs of the new car, officials have mentioned that it is intended for experienced riders and will have a lightweight body; While enjoying the roar of the engine, you can also experience the driving fun.

According to the official description, Honda's new HAWK 11 will have a lightweight body, a powerful engine, and a strong point of torque.

Honda Hawk series models first launched in the 1970s 250cc, 400cc small and medium displacement models; However, based on the naming and official description, the new HAWK 11 will most likely have a non-dual 1100cc engine.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see what Honda's HAWK 11 roadsport will do.