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Nine upgrades and one price cut? Spring Breeze single rocker 250SR announced
Release date:2022.03.01

After applying to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, chunfeng 250SR, a single rocker version, has been receiving some specular information. I don't know whether chunfeng is afraid of waiting too long, and today finally willing to announce the sale of this car.


First, the single rocker version of the 250SR has been optimized for the engine, with a slight increase in maximum power and torque. In addition, the vibration suppression of the single-cylinder engine has been optimized, and the rear suspension has also been improved. This change is probably related to the rocker arm change.

It also features a new 5-inch TFT meter, a change designed to improve the display's visibility during daytime cycling. At the same time, it also optimized its t-box intelligent accessories to improve the positioning accuracy of the car.

The most notable changes to the new car are of course the rocker arm and the wing, the two main changes are to improve the appearance of the piece. As for the actual application of how much change can be brought, the subsequent test drive with you to discuss.

Interestingly, the name of the new car will eventually be the 250SR Track Version MY22. Or maybe MY22 is for 22-year-olds, and the new car is designed for young people.

There are nine upgrades to the single-arm 250SR track version, but only seven of them have been officially revealed so far, with the remaining four or five expected to be in the next marketing.

As for one of the reductions, the cash track version of 250SR is priced at 21680 yuan, whether it is the popular upgrade price of domestic manufacturers will be disclosed later.