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What's the best insurance for a motorcycle?
Release date:2022.03.03

Motorcycle to buy insurance, coverage and car insurance on there is not much difference, is only the premium difference, but unfortunately, many insurance companies for motorcycles don't provide the business risks, only provides insurance, insurance companies around the policy also have different, taking jinan as an example, only a few insurance companies provide motorcycle on commercial insurance.


What kind of insurance should a motorcycle have? (Of course, if there are conditions, all risks would be best.) In addition to the insurance, some is planted too clearly, the importance of third party liability insurance, for example, this danger is refers to the insurant to allow qualified drivers, in the process of using the insured vehicle accidents, cause a third party to suffer person casualties or belongings of direct losses, shall be paid by the insured in accordance with the law of compensation amount, The insurer will pay compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the insurance contract; I feel this kind of insurance is the best to buy.

Separate place restrictions on motorcycle management in some cities, such as the non-motor vehicle lanes only let go, if the motorcycle and bicycle or electric cars in one lane, forming human and motorised plus some non-motor vehicles do not obey the traffic rules, risk factors, such as a lane change at random in the real world motorcycle easily instead of traffic accident, And the probability that decides motorbike owner responsibility is even full responsibility is very big, so compensation is a problem, make strong insurance to solve very hard only, because this is the 3rd responsibility insurance had better buy.

To the kind of lofty on "luxury" car, had better buy car loss insurance. Expensive motorcycles, especially imported large trade models, maintenance is more expensive than the general car, some parts are sent from overseas, motorcycle a common crooked car situation, maintenance costs may not be low, if it is a collision, let alone say more, for a set of appearance kit may be tens of thousands. Buy car damage insurance, it is the most cost-effective choice!

Another is robbery and rescue. The better the motorcycle, the more eye-catching, the probability of theft is correspondingly greater, at least compared with the car, the probability of motorcycle robbery is greater, so the importance of robbery is self-evident. Be all sorts of factors above nevertheless, motorcycle commercial insurance company of a lot of insurance does not accept.