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The new CG125, a survivor of more than 40 years of baptism
Release date:2022.03.03

The new CG125, not so much a retro car as an "archeological car" that survived, is also a survivor of motorcycle history.


Wuyang Honda's new CG125 doesn't have anything to reproduce, because it's basically what it was when it was born. Now it's just a new generation using the same elements it's always had, using old bottles for new wine.

Unfortunately, the survivor did not bring any transformative new changes in this update. New is only a new dress; Blackened engines, spokes, exhaust, and brown caterpillar seat pads are all cosmetic treatments.

The new I-FI system is more of a throwback to emissions than the main purpose of the upgrade.

The introduction of the new CG 125 Special brings the biggest feeling, besides the revival of the classic, another is that this model has not changed, from Honda's initial introduction of this model in China, until now, it has basically been living on its past.

The new CG125 is already quite out of touch with modern models. The Brazilian CG125 was replaced with an overhead camshaft engine in 2009, and the new car is still equipped with a 2-valve ejecta engine that originated in the 1970s.

The new car even has a drum brake, but as a channel car, you can't ask for more.

However, this does not affect this model to be called a classic. After all, what makes it classic is its solid and reliable quality in the past and good reputation.

Now people think this car has a taste, in addition to our memory of the inherent good impression, but also because the quality determines the aesthetic.

After the launch of CG 125 series, however, many manufacturers are competing to imitate the object. Without good word of mouth, it certainly wouldn't have sparked the kind of mass copycat that made the model popular around the world.

The CG 125 series has been around for 46 years, from 1976 when it was first introduced in Japan to the 1980s. During these decades, the technology has changed and so has the domestic market. CG 125 has changed from a market leader to a survivor after the baptism of The Times.

Unfortunately, as developing countries grow, the CG 125 for developing markets has stalled and been replaced by another model, which is expected to become a classic car by word of mouth.