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600Km range, large fuel tank, sanyang this ADV scooter?
Release date:2022.03.08

Recently, Sanyang Locomotive launched the world's first Husky ADV pedal motorcycle, as the 30th anniversary edition of Xiaxing, this car is priced at 23,800 yuan in China. The license does not need to pay purchase tax, the land price can be controlled in 24,000.


Power system

Husky ADV is equipped with next-generation "triple Zero technology" : zero delay start system, zero rear suspension system, and zero noise pollution idle system.

Using the actual displacement of 149cc water-cooled single cylinder water-cooled four-stroke engine, maximum horsepower 14.7kW, maximum power 10.8/7500kW/RPM, maximum torque 14.5/6000 Nm/ RPM.

Appearance level configuration

Semi-hot melt tyres provide excellent traction and grip, and race-class mid-mounted rear shock absorbers provide more stable handling. In addition, as an advanced ADV pedal, front and rear ABS anti-lock +TCS traction control system provides multiple safety guarantees.

5-inch TFT LCD instrument panel, supporting smart interconnection of mobile phones. Equipped with 15L large capacity fuel tank, the endurance can reach 600km. Comprehensive excellent endurance and good configuration, can be well qualified for the needs of long-distance motorcycle travel.

On the appearance, the front face uses reflective double LED headlights, the shape is very recognizable, quite a lovely sense of the husky; The body is concave and convex, and the LED taillight does not lose the sense of science and technology. The overall level of appearance can be said to be quite high.

The 30th anniversary edition released by Sanyang provides two color matching options, which are the classic black and white color of cement gray and ore white/diamond black. However, the all-white version of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and road test was not released this time.

In recent years, ADV pedal models of hot degree can be described as the peak of the day. How do you think sanyang husky is competitive?