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Hard style American cruise car, v-twin engine, belt drive, unique charm
Release date:2022.04.06

Said to hard to send American cruise car jumped out to the first word in mind is the Harley, although now a lot of motorcycle is American cruise car tag, but we all know clearly the essence of American cruise vehicle is V cylinder engine, belt drive, then specifically, considering the pretend bility and behind the cultural connotation, Harley is arguably one of the classic 883 representatives.

Harley 883 is also often referred to as a tough guy, dating back to the 1950s, but back then it was not called a tough guy, it was called a iron head. After decades of development, the Harley 883 has gradually grown into a sporty cruise car and a best-selling Harley motorcycle, which also has a certain fan base in China.

In terms of appearance, it is very different from many cruise cars now, with round halogen headlights, wide seat cushions, strong body lines and parallel exhaust pipes on one side, giving people a full sense of style. In addition, the design of the low handle makes the sitting position is not so comfortable as the master, in line with the characteristics of sports.


Although the look is not necessarily appealing to young people, the configuration is also modern. Braking part, the use of front and rear floating disc brake with piston calipers, standard ABS anti-lock braking system, to ensure the braking effect. Other parameters, seat height is 760mm, spare mass is 256kg, minimum ground clearance is 140mm.

For power, the Harley 883 is powered by a V-twin air-cooled four-stroke engine with a belt drive. Among them, the actual displacement is 883CC, the maximum horsepower is 45.6, the maximum torque is 67 nm, the power output is relatively abundant. The tank is small and only 12.5 litres, but it is good enough for urban cycling, just not for long-distance motorcycle rides.

The Harley 883's limited range and high price make it a luxury. But for Harley fans, cruise bikes are irresistible, as long as you have a thick wallet. For many ordinary people, a little pedal is a pleasure to ride.