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CB300R has been upgraded again, will it be 2022 or 2023?
Release date:2022.04.06

Honda recently unveiled the 2023 CB300R in Taiwan Province. The new model has a new paint and upgraded configuration compared to the 2022 model launched in India last year.

The 2023 CB300R has the same new coating as the domestic CB400 series -- matte blue and sun shine yellow. There are also two regular versions in matte black and candy red.

In addition to the new color scheme, Honda has also added a core configuration to the new CB300R. In addition to the sliding clutch commonly used in domestic models, the 2023 model also features the SHOWA SFF-BP 41mm inverted front fork, and the IMU inertial detection system commonly used in large displacement models.

The main purpose of this upgrade is to improve the vehicle's driving and handling, the new instrument also has a display function; The 2023 CB300R still has the same 286cc DOHC water-cooled single-cylinder engine.


2023 CB300R Specifications table

Engine type: water cooled four stroke single cylinder

Displacement: 286cc

Inner diameter x stroke: 76mm x 63mm

Maximum horsepower: 30.42ps/8,250 RPM

Maximum torque: 27.45Nm/7,500 RPM

Compression ratio: 10.7:1

Fuel supply: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection

Front suspension: SHOWA SFF-BP 41mm inverted front fork

Rear suspension: Single gun shock absorber/preload adjustable

Front wheel size: 110/70R17

Rear wheel size: 150/60R17

Tank capacity: 10.1L

High: 799 mm

Weight: 144kg

Honda's 2022 CB300R, launched in India late last year, was upgraded with only a sliding clutch and an added range display; The 2023 upgraded in Taiwan province is a bit more comprehensive. It is interesting to see what kind of upgrade the 42,000 yuan CB300R will choose next.

After Honda started the middle row plan, although THE CB300R is its own, its cost performance is obviously much lower than that of its Cousins in China. According to the current product system, localization may make CB300R have some new possibilities.