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ADV400? Peugeot also came to play crossover
Release date:2022.04.06

With the rise of the crossover playpedal, Peugeot has also started to develop its own crossover model, recently revealed overseas Peugeot applied for a crossover adventure new car patent.

Peugeot's new model, like the current mainstream crossover, features long-haul suspension with higher ground clearance and wire-spoke wheels for better passability; A protective shell was added under the engine.

The appearance of the new car is different from the traditional pedal design, with a prominent beak front face, a more athletic frame, and an integrated sports handlebar. From the exposed renderings, the new car appears to have a single rocker arm design.


As for the single-cylinder engine, the exact displacement has not been disclosed, but sources say it will be a 400cc engine.

So far, Peugeot has exposed the new car is quite complete, the license plate hanger, mirrors and indicators of the existence of this is a vehicle to be mass production, also has the possibility of release; It's just that the exhaust pipe that extends out of the engine is too protruding. Hopefully this will be improved after production.