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650 for four, 550 for two! Benali three new car exposure
Release date:2022.04.06

Benali will launch the new TNT899 this year, in this new car has not disclosed the exact time of the case, the recent spread of benali at home and abroad to have some new car to release the news.

Benali this exposure has three new models, displacement concentrated in 550~650 this middleweight range, the new car are street car TNT550, and Tornado550, Tornado650 running car.

The Tornado550 is one of the power platforms that will be available for street cars as well as sports cars. Currently, the Tornado550 sports car is available in two different styling versions, with some differences in headlights and front fenders.

550 series of these two models carry the engine, is expected to appear in the PREVIOUS QJ Yi 550 body that engine, the actual displacement of 549cc, the maximum power is 37.5kW, the maximum torque is 51n. m; This bottom twist engine to adapt to these two models is a great effort to adjust.

The Tornado650 is also a new model instead of a uniform design, though it does have some echoes of the Yellow Dragon 600. It is interesting that both versions of the 550 have dual disc brakes on the front, while the larger car has a single disc on the front.

The Tornado650 is no exception to the same 4-cylinder 600cc engine, but it seems to be a case of cylinder expansion for the new model, and we'll have to wait to see how the engine tuning goes.


Benelli's new car is only in the rendering stage, and should still be some time away from its official release. Since Qianjiang launched a new sub-brand QJMOTOR, Benali in the domestic action began to slow down, the launch frequency of the new car is also significantly reduced, these models are expected to wait until TNT899 after the launch of the follow-up action.

But at present, there are also many models launched in the domestic middleweight sports car market, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. It will be interesting to see what form these new products will take as Benelli seeks to capture this segment of the market.