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Four cylinder retro, Kawasaki Z900RS SE listed, 149,000 yuan
Release date:2022.03.29

Aprilya's new small steel gun GPR250S was officially released on the market yesterday. The price of the new model is 2000 yuan lower than that of the sports car on the same platform. The official retail price is 24800 yuan.

Compared with the sports car, GPR250S set for new players of this street car has been optimized in terms of riding triangle and other Settings to improve driving comfort in addition to lower price, and the configuration is mostly the same as that of the sports car.

First, different parts of the new GPR250S as a street car set model, although it does not use the TUONO series named way, but also with apulia family style street car styling, classic semi-enclosed fairing highlights the difference between this model and traditional street cars.


The biggest difference between GPR250S and sports car is that it adopts the high integrated variable diameter handlebar, which is more suitable for street cars, and readjusts the foot position, and uses the integrated seat cushion; These changes and optimizations to the riding triangle are mainly aimed at improving the ride comfort of the model and making it more suitable for street commuting.

Street version of GPR250S although the same apulia classic aluminum alloy double wing beam hollow frame, but thanks to the fairing and other details of the change, also let this street car than sports car GPR250R 13kg lighter.

Other configurations of the new GPR250S are basically the same as those of the sports car. The single-cylinder water-cooled 249.2cc engine, sliding clutch, dual-channel ABS, suspension and braking are all the same configurations. Another pity is the lack of full color LCD meter, but fortunately retained the overturn indicator light.

Apulia GPR250S is a new player, although it is more suitable for streetcar commuting cycle setting, but the car is still a sports car, the new car is more suitable for those who want to experience apulia-style driving fun, but do not want to suffer from the pain of driving low position