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Four cylinder retro, Kawasaki Z900RS SE listed, 149,000 yuan
Release date:2022.03.29

Kawasaki recently launched a new color matching Z900RS SE in China, the 2022 version of the retro model, using the Yellow Ball coating kawasaki introduced in 1972 on the first-generation Z1.

The newly painted Z900RS SE is slightly more expensive than the ordinary model after adopting the new color of classic painting, with a domestic price of 149,000 yuan. The new painting is named amber Gold, in reference to this year's zodiac.

The price of the new car, in addition to the new color, but also upgraded suspension configuration and braking system; The Amber Gold version of the Z900RS SE is equipped with Ohlins S46 rear multi-link shock absorbers with adjustable pre-load rebound; The front brake is upgraded to the Brembo M4.32 contraligning four-piston radial callipers with the Nissin up-push pump.

For the overall look of the 2022 Z900RS SE, Kawasaki has also applied a matching gold coating to the aluminum alloy wheel rims and the 41mm inverted front fork with adjustable compression rebound preload.


As for other aspects of the configuration, the new Z900RS SE is to maintain the previous version of the equipment; The 948cc in-line four-cylinder water-cooled engine has a maximum power of 74kW (101PS) / 7,500rpm and a maximum torque of 95N·m/ 6,500rpm.

There are also four adjustable ride modes, KRTC traction control, sliding clutch, and front and rear dual-channel ABS.

Although there are many large displacement retro models in China at present, but the public upgrade of the four-cylinder retro can choose not much, Kawasaki this new car for like four-cylinder retro car friends, or a good choice.