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How did the "double eyes" headlights of sports cars come from
Release date:2022.03.29

We all should know that in the current sports car models with fairing, the shape of headlights is almost the "eyes" design on both sides. Today, let's briefly understand why this design is adopted as an important part of the vehicle appearance level.

In fact, the earliest motorcycle models are actually commuter streetcars, or retro models with single round lights. It was only with the advent of fairing and endurance racing that the dual-headlamp design became mainstream.

After the popularity of endurance racing in Europe, as drivers needed to continue racing at night, and the traditional single headlight due to insufficient lighting, motorcyclists had to maintain high speed, some new "double eye" headlight design emerged.

As for why the individual headlights were not enlarged to maintain visibility at night, one is that in addition to the size limits on the headlights of racing motorcycles, it is also necessary to maintain the weight of the cars. It is known that some teams originally installed landing lights on well-lit aircraft landing gear.

When the Suzuka 8-hour, an endurance race that flourished in Europe, came to Japan in 1978, it became a hit, and when regulations were relaxed to allow fairing in 1982, those classic two-headlamp mockups took to the stage.


Suzuki's 1983 RG250 was the first to be fitted with a full-size fairing, and following a replica of this GP machine, the GSX-R dual lens lamp was finally released in 1984 as a replica of the endurance Racer. The theme of this motorcycle is GS1000R and it achieved great success, such as winning the Bol D 'or 24-hour endurance race in 1983.

Starting with this GSX-R, all 400cc class 4-stroke "Racer replicas" are equipped with dual-lens lights with an endurance racer image. In 1985, gsX-R750, the ancestor of the large displacement supercar, appeared, and the trend of double headlights came to the large displacement motorcycle.

In the 1990s, the Ducati 916 was equipped with modified dual-lens headlights, and the two-eye styling spread to overseas models. And it has evolved from round headlights to morphing headlights that blend in with the front design and continue to this day.

Now the sports car headlamp is no longer confined to the traditional headlamp design of two eyes, but evolved into "four eyes", "six eyes".