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Quantity without price? 890DUKE R listed, 126,800 yuan
Release date:2022.03.29

The official price of this car is 126,800 yuan, which is similar to our previous guess (890DUKE price or 120,000 +). This price is actually the price of the imported version 790 DUKE that KTM introduced into China in 19 years.

The power and configuration of the new 890 DUKE is basically the same as previously revealed, as for the strengthening of the new 890 and the difference with the 790, interested car friends can review, here is not more than the narrative.

It should be noted that this new model of KTM has bend ABS and bend MTC in terms of standard configuration. Fast gear shift, MSR (engine resistance moment control), tire pressure monitoring, ejection start and other configurations are only optional.

As we said in the last article, the 890 DUKE R is the upgraded model launched by KTM to replace the 790 DUKE. Now, after increasing the displacement and upgrading the configuration, the price of the 890 DUKE is still maintained at the original price of the 790 import, which can be regarded as an increase in quantity without an increase in price.


The new 890 DUKE R at 126,800 yuan compets with the CKD 790 DUKE, which is not as well configured, but affordable enough.

For those who want to get their hands on the 890 DUKE R, in addition to considering whether they can drive this racetrack streetcar, they can also consider whether there will be a CKD version in the future. After all, this model has also been applied by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

After the new 890 DUKE R is released without price increase, it is to be expected that the new RC390 to be released by KTM will have the same treatment.