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How do novices choose motorcycles? Four steps to help you choose the right car!
Release date:2022.03.29

How to choose a really suitable for their own riding motorcycle, I believe is a lot of novice friends have encountered the problem. Many white people "grass" official all kinds of cool locomotives, but to the actual car when racking their brains, not less tangled.

And to novice small white, when buying a car often can encounter a lot of "trap", let the road of entry go unusually tortuous. You should know that the information we know is not necessarily from the standpoint of consumers, and there are very few truly beneficial and correct guidelines! Today let's discuss the novice car, how to avoid the "pit" as far as possible, less detours, accurately and truly suitable for their own a "car"!

The first step is to wait and see!

"Motorcycle" is just a general term, subdivided into many types, such as imitation racing, street car, rally, rv, cruise, retro, pedal and so on. They differ in attributes and preferences and are suitable for different groups of people.

Only by taking the wait and see step can we choose the one we like from the car we like. Moreover, in daily riding, "love car" can better meet our needs.

Here is a summary of several mainstream models sold in China, you can simply understand the attributes of each model, find the one that suits you!

A civilian sports car designed for road use with the concept of a racing car added. It is suitable for the pursuit of control, like track or mountain bending athletes.

Streetcar: A straddling motorcycle, simple and practical, with the engine and frame usually exposed and without large enclosures. It is suitable for riders to use in the city, and can also be used for some imitation racing purposes when needed.

Street running: As the name implies, it is a hybrid of street car and sports car, with both comfortable riding posture and sports car performance. It is suitable for people who like imitation racing but also enjoy daily cycling.

Pedal: This is a popular model, but now derived from it sports pedal, also have good play performance. It suits most motorcycle friends, has a good commuting ability, is the destination of many knights.

Pull: Adv model, positioned like an Suv in a car, has some off-road and cruise capability. It is suitable for friends who like to travel and explore, but also has a good ability to carry people with things.

Travel: comfortable riding posture, with part of the fairing, used in pavement long distance cruise models. It is suitable for often run long distance, but do not pursue trekking motorcycle friends.

Taizi: a miniature version of the American cruise car, riding posture and shape are basically consistent with the American Patrol. It is suitable for steady and solemn friends, more popular middle-aged knight's welcome!

Retro: A branch of streetcar, some also have pighead hood and outer surround, styling appearance focus on retro style. It is suitable for the tasteful knight and resembles a streetcar in many ways.

After understanding these, I believe that we can also be targeted to choose. After conducting a wide-ranging primary search to find the type of bike we like, we can continue to sift through and buy the best.


Step two: Smell!

After locking down the specific model, start to understand the car's information! In addition to the appearance and style of fit, but also pay attention to the details, such as price, cost performance, retention rate, configuration, vehicle weight, seat height, fuel consumption, quality control, power level, control and so on.

Some novices may feel that this process is too cumbersome and do not like to spend time to understand specific information, which often leads to various difficulties during the actual riding after the motorcycle is bought back, and even the expected goal is too high. Seriously affect the experience of playing "motorcycle", so as to regret entering the circle, and even a new car just rode several thousand kilometers on the transfer of low price at a loss.

Most riders who buy a new car without much mileage are people who didn't know enough about the bike before they bought it. Don't buy on impulse!

Of course, many novice motorcycle friends will also like to see some evaluation on the network to understand their favorite models. Although the starting point is a good point, but online evaluation sometimes is not necessarily standing in the consumer's position to explain.

A vehicle's stats are a composite number, no matter how good one side is, it should not be considered. Like some small displacement entry models, wearing the coat of the track, by all kinds of touted online, but the quality is in a complete mess, many new hands after often run after-sales maintenance site. And some models although the quality is good, but the vehicle configuration, technology is old, power output is too weak, control is also very ordinary. Beginners often expect too much before they buy a car and are disappointed when they get it.

The most reasonable method, or we have to seriously analyze the comprehensive attributes of a car, find their own demand points, suitable is the best.

Like stable motorcycle friends, you can consider the motorcycle quality control, but also to pay attention to the overall performance of the vehicle, whether to meet their expected standards. For a rider who wants horsepower, it's not just about track genetics, it's about overall performance.

To buy a car, you should not only know the advantages of the car, but also know its disadvantages. How many litres of water can a barrel hold depends on its short board! Similarly, a motorcycle is not worth our choice, the impact of the inadequacy of the absolutely can not be underestimated.

Step three, ask

Through the understanding of the previous two steps, you can basically confirm the model you want, but this time the prospective owners must calm down. The information learned through various channels is just basic. If you really want to be familiar with it, you have to ask more!

This "ask" is also very exquisite! Who should would-be car owners ask? Dealer or net red big coffee? In fact, they are unreliable! It's not that these people don't understand, but because there are interests involved, they may not always tell the truth.

The most reliable way is to ask the old car owner, or the identity of the prospective car owner to join the motorcycle friends group. I believe that many enthusiastic knights will answer questions for xiaobai and put forward their own suggestions. In this way, you can have a deeper understanding of your future "car".

Of course, it should be noted that novices must first learn more about the "target" information, have doubts, or want to know more about the details, and then ask the seniors.

Few people will have the patience to explain it to you if you ask them to explain it in detail. For example, what is the engine capacity of the car, what is the configuration, this kind of Internet can find the answer. And some questions that have no standard answer and vary from person to person should be asked less. For example, specific fuel consumption, speed, speed and so on, these things are only a rough number, in the hands of different riders, the performance of the car is not the same.

After this round down, I believe that even novice, to their favorite "car" also have a detailed understanding. However, it is recommended not to blindly book a car first, because of the information on paper, and their actual operation or there is a big gap. So, before buying a car, if you can, do, do, do this last and most important step!

Step four, cut!

The last step before booking a car is a real car test drive! Qualified motorcycle friends can participate in the brand to carry out test drive publicity activities. Of course, this kind of activity is not every day, want to freely try riding, the opportunity is still very limited.

But you can just go to the dealership and see the car. Network pictures sometimes with the real car gap is quite large, and can see a product workmanship and paint the pros and disadvantages. Moreover, when we look at the car on site, we can also better understand whether the seat height, weight and sitting position are consistent with expectations.

Of course, sometimes it's hard to tell if a car is really right for you as a beginner. It is a good choice to have a good relationship with the old car owners and let them accompany them to see the car. To the field, to try to listen to less sales touted, listen to friends, as well as their own understanding of the nature of the facts, make wise judgment.

In order to reduce the chances of frequent car changes, remember not to buy impulsively, especially when you look at the car, do not blindly buy, otherwise your wallet will be very hurt.